Mr Black Shepard's End - Infinite Flanger

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Mr. Black Shepard's End - Infinite Flanger

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Unser lieber Herr Schwarz macht einige der interessantesten Pedale in der Welt. Keine simple Kopie bekannter Effekte, sondern immer auf der Suche nach etwas unverwechselbarem. Ihre neueste Kreation Shepards End ist anders als alle Flanger, die ihr vorher schon tausendmal gehört habt. Tja, wer bei einem gewissen Alfonso Hermida gelernt hat und auch an einigen interessanten Love - Pedals mitgearbeitet hat, weiss scheinbar wie es geht. 

Mr Black makes some of the most interesting pedals in the world. They don't just look at how to improve an effect, they look at how they can create something new and unique to them. Their latest release the Shepard's End is unlike any flanger effect you would have heard before as it is an infinite flanger. This means it never stops going up and never stops going down it does either continuously even through the zero point for that extra bit of impact.

Barber Pole Flanger

This is the worlds first barber pole zero flanger. What does this mean? It means that while a normal flanger goes up and then down within a certain range the Shepard's End goes up or down continually. This produces a really powerful flanger effect that can cover the subtle to the extreme and it can even reach the loved zero point where both up and down phase with each other to create a really over the top effect.

Three Controls, Incredible Possibilities.

With just three controls you really can take full advantage of this magical circuit. The Wave control sets the movement of the wave to up or down and somewhere in the middle is the zero point. The Regen control which when turned clockwise gives you full phaser like sounds and turned counter clockwise offers up very hollow almost tubular like tones. Finally the speed control is what finishes off this pedal and it has a massive range. You can easily take this pedal from a real, dragging slow effect to so fast you can't tell where each movement of the flange begins.

Here's what Mr Black say about the Shepards End Flanger

This is:  the world's first Barber Pole Through-Zero Flanger.

So what is a " barber pole through-zero flanger-"
Well, essentially, the Shepard's End is a flanger, but its unlike any flanger you've ever heard, played or experienced.  While the term "Barber Pole" sounds neat-o-speed-o, what it really means is that this flanger does not have a beginning, or an end to its cycle.  WHAT-!

You know how most flangers go up, then back down-  Well, this one doesn't do that.  Nope.  It goes up, continually.  It goes down, continually.  It can even go through the zero-point (that amazing over the top wooshing sound you hear on so many records), continually.  This just depends on how you set the controls.  And they're pretty easy to use.

As if that weren't enough, you get both positive (swishy, phaser-y sounds) and negative (tubular, hollow, sucking-into-itself sounds) regeneration control.  Or, just raw through-zero flanging at its finest as you have heard on so many recordings.

From draggingly slow to space-ray-gun fast.  And its all in one little knob called "Speed"

This is the future.  This is the past.  This is, the Shepard's End.


  • True, infinite through-zero flanging
  • Additive or subtractive regeneration
  • True-bypass
  • 9VDC power (2.1mm negative center pin adapter) or internal 9V battery

WAVE: Adjusts shape of flange wave

  • Full CCW: Upward Cycle
  • Middle: "Through-zero" Cycle
  • Full CW: Downward Cycle

SPEED: Adjusts speed of sweep

  • Full CCW: Really slow
  • Full CW: Lazers

REGEN: Adjusts regeneration

  • Full CCW: Max. negative regen
  • Middle: No regen
  • Full CW: Max. positive regen

BYPASS SWITCH: Toggles on/off

  • LED off: bypass.

Tech stuff:
 Input impedance: ~500K
 Output impedance: ~2K
 Bypass: True-Bypass
 Current draw: <60mA
 Power requirement: 9VDC adapter or 9V battery

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