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Danelectro Blackout 59 Green Envy E-Gitarre
Danelectro Blackout 59 Green Envy E-Gitarre

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• Shorthorn shape
• Semi-hollow body
 Black body side tape
• Scale length: 25″
• Bolt-on maple neck
• Number of frets: 21
• Fully adjustable wraparound bridge
• 2 NOS+ Lipstick® pickups
• 2 black/white stacked tone & volume controls
• 3-way pickup selector
• Black ‘seal shape’ scratchplate
• Colour-matched ‘coke bottle’ headstock

Double horns, composite body, and lipstick-style pickups: there’s simply no mistaking a Danelectro! However, if you’re looking for a modern spin on Dano’s classic retro futuristic formula, the dark, moody aesthetics of the Danelectro Blackout ’59 are sure to please. While the looks might be a bit of a departure from a vintage-style ’59, this guitar’s sound is pure Danelectro — a pair of chime-filled NOS+ lipstick pickups produce clear, bell-like cleans with a raunchy overdriven tone that’s perfect for filthy blues and trashy garage rock. Beyond that, the 1-piece wraparound bridge is a vast improvement over the vintage-style Danelectro wooden bridge. And while the pau-ferro-on-maple neck's dual-action truss rode also defies vintage-correct specs, it’s a welcome addition for guitarists who value a precise setup.

Fixed up with a special metal flake finish, the Danelectro Blackout 59 combines the sound and feel of a 59M NOS+ with jaw-dropping looks. Just like more historic models, the double-cutaway, short-horn body is made of masonite and still features the same shape as the iconic guitars once played by big shots like Jimmy Page, Elvis Costello and Mark Knopfler.

The Blackout 59: Familiar Lo-Fi Sparkle

While the masonite body and centreblock guarantee a classic clear core sound, two NOS+ Lipstick single-coils in an 80/20 brass-zinc housing take care of unmistakable, DC59-style tone once you're plugged in. This flexible pair of pickups serve up a broad selection of sparkling lo-fi sounds, which can be varied at will using the 3-way pickup switch and the two stacked volume and tone controls. All the while, the adjustable wraparound bridge ensures solid tuning stability and intonation.

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