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Mr Black Pedals Deluxe Plus Spring Reverb and Tremolo Pedal
Mr Black Pedals Deluxe Plus Spring Reverb and Tremolo Pedal

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Mr. Black Deluxe Plus Spring Reverb/Tremolo

For anyone who has an amp that doesn’t have reverb or tremolo—just add a Deluxe Plus into your chain and BOOM—you’ve instantly got that classic 50s/60s American amp tone. The Deluxe Plus features a drippy spring reverb and bias-modulating tremolo in one small box—your pedalboard will thank you. The effects can be used individually or (our preference) dialed in together for true vintage vibe. Mr. Black recommends firing this baby up under the nearest palm tree. Bring your shades—you’ll be out there for a while! As with all Mr. Black products, the Deluxe Plus is powered by a 9VDC adapter or a 9V battery, is true bypass, and is handmade in Portland, Oregon by a team of crazy awesome folks.

Mr. Black Deluxe Plus Spring Reverb/Tremolo Features

    • Spring Reverb and Bias-Modulating Tremolo
    • Intensity, Reverb, and Speed Controls
    • 9vDC or 9V battery operable
    • True bypass
    • Draws <60mA
    • Handmade in Portland à Oregon à USA!

Classic American surf rock vibes sadly don't come built in to all amplifiers but do not worry as now you can get all the reverb and trem you need in a single pedal. The Mr Black Deluxe Plus offers up they joys of vintage tube tremolo and spring reverb into a single pedal for a unique tone in a box type pedal.

Beyond Vintage Contol

So many amps don't have tube tremolo or spring reverb built in these days. These effects defined the music for a generation in 50's and 60's America. With a simple 3 control and 1 switch layout the Deluxe Plus offers up all the tremolo and reverb you will ever need. They wanted to offer you more than the original effects that came built into amps were able to so even with the reverb set to noon your tone is already soaking wet.


The tremolo effect is based on real tube tremolos that could be found on classic amps from the 50's and 60's. Although not a true tube circuit in this pedal its bias modulation circuit is one of the closest representations I have heard in a long time.


Match up that tremolo with this vintage sounding spring reverb style effect you get acces to all of the vintage tones you need. This reverb can go much further than a more traditional amp reverb can so you can get even more dripping wet sounds than ever before.


  •  Spring reverb and bias-modulating tremolo in one small box.
  •  Use each effect individually or together for the true vintage vibe.
  •  Waaayyy more drippy reverb available than your amp can deliver.
  •  Deep, buttery-smooth tremolo that dips n dives like a unicorn-dolphin should.
  •  True-bypass
  •  9VDC power (2.1mm negative center pin adapter) or internal 9V battery

INTENSITY: Adjusts tremolo intensity

  • Full CCW: No trem (reverb only)
  • Full CW: Max depth/intensity

 REVERB: Adjusts reverb level

  • Full CCW: No verb (trem only)
  • Full CW: Too much drippiness

 SPEED: Adjusts tremolo speed

  • Full CCW: Slow
  • Full CW: Fast

 BYPASS SWITCH: Toggles on/off

  • LED on: DELUXE!! PLUS!!
  • LED off: flat.

Tech stuff:

  •  Input impedance: ~500K
  •  Output impedance: ~2K
  •  Bypass: True-Bypass
  •  Current draw: <60mA
  •  Power requirement: 9VDC adapter or 9V battery

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