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Mr Black Pedals Eterna Gold Shimmer Reverb Pedal
Mr Black Pedals Eterna Gold Shimmer Reverb Pedal

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The Mr Black Eterna Shimmer Reverb offered up an incredible shimmering reverb that had a lot of diverse sounds in a small package. Now they are releasing the gold standard of shimmerverbs with the Eterna Gold. Now with a tail that goes on for over 60 seconds and a modified shimmer for even more angelic tones this pedal is incredible.

More Time, More Shimmers

While the original Eterna was taking it a step too far for most pedal makers, Mr Black wanted to take it up another notch. So with that in mind Mr Black have replaced not only the routing of the audio in the pedal but also implemented a whole new algorithm. This increasing the time of the tail from 40 seconds to over 60 seconds and adds 2 more voices in the shimmer giving you a fuller choir behind your guitar.

New Swells and Early reflections

They didn't want to just make the same pedal but better they also wanted to add in some new tonal differences. They did this by adding in a small selection of early reflections that give you an instantaneous fuller sound an augmenting the voicing to deliver a larger more haunting sound than the original. By also adding in a shimmer swell underneath the standard shimmer you now get a cooler range of effects at your feet.


  • Expanded decay: over a 60 second tail!!
  • Shimmer-swell coupled with standard shimmer
  • Multiple early reflections
  • Augmented reverb voicing
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