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Vitoos VP2 power supply for effect pedals

Artikelnummer: 44099077

Vitoos VP2 power supply for effect pedals

Kategorie: Vitoos

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The VITOOS VP2 is the second member of its POWER PACKTM series multi-output power supply for effect pedals. Totally eight 9v outputs are all isolated outputs and each one has a LED indicating the short-circuited pedal, when there?s one pedal getting short-circuited, the others still work normally. It?s designed for professional users who mostly use 9v pedals and requires better signal integrity and lesser ripple noise. It powers most pedals from BOSS, EHX, Vitoos, and others which need 9v voltage with positive barrel and negative center polarity. What?s more, it comes with traditional linear adaptor which is more silent for your pedals? signal transmission.

The VP2 will drive eight pedals from the same source, it?s more than a power supply, it?s a power conditioner which supplies a predictable voltage all the time and keeps your pedals in constant performance from one show to another.

  • Powers eight 9v pedals all at once without losing any signal intensity.
  • Isolated outputs and Short Circuit Protection ensures the stable working condition.
  • The LEDs of each 9v OUTLET will light in red to indicate the short-circuited pedal without cutting off other outlets? power.
  • FCLC (Foldback Current Limiting Circuit) provides ultimate protection against power shortages and overloads. Even at full load, you?ll enjoy the quiet and cool operation of a fully regulated power supply.
  • EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference) test is ?o?.
  • Come with totally 8 DC cables to connect your pedals to the VP2.
  • AC to DC adaptor
  • INPUT: AC 230v at 50/60Hz, 1000mA.
  • OUTPUT: DC9v, 600mA.
  • POLARITY: Positive Barrel and Negative Center.

  • VP2 Power Supply
  • INPUT: DC 9v 600mA
  • OUTPUTS: 9v~75mA (x8)
  • LEDs: Blue LED for power light, 8 Red LEDs for short-circuited indicates.


  1. Plug the included AC adaptor into the VP2?s input-9v jack
  2. Connect the AC adaptor to 100~240v AC power, the blue LED will light, if you use other AC adaptors, make sure the output is 9v DC rated at 600mA and the plug is positive barrel and negative center type.
  3. Connect your 9v pedals to the eight 9v OUTLETS with included DC cables.

Important Notice

  • Do not put or use in waterish locations which might cause circuit shorted or other electric dangers.
  • Use only 9V/600mA output DC adaptor with positive barrel, negative center polarity plug.
  • Do not use any other adaptors different from the requested ones as above, or there might cause harm to the unit, the adaptor or you.
  • Unplug your Vp2 when not in use for extended periods of time.
  • Guard against water or other liquids entering the enclosure.

What?s in package

  • VP2 Power Supply
  • AC to DC adaptor
  • 8pcs DC cables
  • User Manual

Artikelgewicht: 1,00 Kg
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